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Customized Music CD's & DVD's

 You can order customized full length music CD's f& DVD's or yourself or your business! Choose between the music of Estuary or Mirror, Mirror as CD or DVD slidshow. Send us your artwork and presto you'll own your own custom CD. Or if you prefer, just choose to buy each CD or DVD as is!

CD's & DVD's are sold at wholesale prices so you can resale for profit! Use our artwork or your personal or company logo to have a unique one-of-a-kind CD for yourself or for resale in your business. Great for point of sale display at your checkout!

We can also send an attractive acrylic CD display holder with your order at cost for only $5 more!!

CD's & DVD's are currently packaged in non-shrink wrapped (to hard to remove any way) slim line cases with laser jet printing.

Full Length CD (45+ min.) w/Kirk's art:                           11.99 USD ea. (10.99 USD ea. for 50 or more.)

Full LengthCD (45+ min.) w/your art/logo:                       12.99 USD ea (11.99 USD ea. for 50 or more.)

Extended Play DVD (30 min)  w/Kirk's art:                      16.99USD ea. (15.99USD ea for 50 or more)

Extended Play DVD(30 min)  w/your art/logo:                  17.99USD ea (16.99 USD es for 50 or more)

                                                                                                Prices Include Shipping

To use your artwork just e-mail it as a .jpeg  file or snail mail the photo or artwork/logo to us!

Buyer pays for actual shipping plus a little extra to cover packaging etc. I will not rip you off with exorbitant shipping fees!

Estuary CD

This is a terrific relaxation & meditation CD currently being utilized in professional massage therapy, reiki and healing touch sessions, yoga classes and intuitive painting intensives. You can listen to this music for hours and not drain your brain or be offensive to those around you! Excellent background music for businesses.It is great at work and for de-stressing on the road or at home!

45+ min version 11.99 USD (includes shipping)

Song Sample:



Mirror, Mirror CD

This is a terrific upbeat acoustic rock compilation that will not insult your intelligence. Hypnotic - Very Cool!

45+ min version 11.99 USD (includes shipping)

Song Sample:


Order Now @ kirk lang multi-media!


(225) 354-9860

Remember, we can use your artwork or company logo and colors on your CD covers for your promotional purposes or personal collection!


Relaxation Sight & Soundscapes DVD

This is a terrific relaxation & meditation DVD full of textural beauty. It is a slideshow with images by Oscar Gutierezz and the instrumental music of Kirk's Estuary CD. Turn that big screen TV on and let this unobtrusive compilation play all day in the background for ambiance.

53 min version 16.99 USD (includes shipping)



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