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kirk lang

Hi, I've been playing, producing and recording music for 25 years, and am now getting into video stuff which is allot of fun!

"I have spent countless hours rehearsing, recording and editing to bring you some of the most authentic, original and timeless music you may ever hear"

"I beleive the quest for self-actualization can be greatly enhanced by the creation of music that is born out of our inner most being. This same music can then be used to continue the process, not only in ourselves, but in others. It is an integral part of living to our fullest potential."

"This kind of music takes much thought, developement and time. I do not cut corners to fill space on a compilation nor do I compose to please the masses. I hope it finds a place in your spirit!"

The Estuary CD provides a great insight into what we are and do.

An Estuary is described as the wide lower course of a river where it flows into the sea. Estuaries experience tidal flows and their water is a changing mixture of fresh and salt.


What a beautiful analogy of life. This is what it is like each time people meet. Even when we meet someone we know, it is always going to be different in some way. A changing mixture of fresh and salt.  We know this but how often do we really realize the differences and see them as life’s essence? It is these differences and changes that keep life fresh and new.


But we also know that sometimes these mixtures can bring difficulties. We must also try to see them as a part of this mystery that washes us and as painful as it can be, humble us.


Maybe this can help us as a species to swim with and against the currents so that we may grow and advance beyond our selfishness.



By Beth Lawrence Hill

This past summer, while taking a painting course at The Red Shoes, I had the opportunity to listen to a CD of beautiful music performed and recorded by Kirk Lang. The CD is titled Odyssey 1 Music to Paint By.  For 52 minutes and 52 seconds, the listener is taken by rhythm to a magical time that illustrates the alchemy of math, art, physicality, and spirituality.   The 1st recording, “Odyssey”, begins with a chime that calls the listener to attention. The music then sounds as if it is pulling you inward, submerging into the deeper self. One may feel, through sound, millions of liquid bubbles spiraling within. There is a promise here that when one goes inward, there will always be a new journey to experience.   The 2nd song, “Meditation”, sets the listener on the path. There is work to be done and foundations to build. One must acknowledge the structure and concepts of the left-brain world and then release them. The open mind of the right brain awaits.   The 3rd recording is “Impressions”. The music allows one to step back, reflect, and develop the internal observer, who is free of judgment. Opening of sensitivity toward impression and intuition are highly regarded. Suspending the critical voice within brings a wave of peace and well being.   The 4th song, “Awaken”, leads to a doorway, where the listener must knock to enter. Once inside, you may feel as if you are traveling to the source of your Divine Self. There are chimes throughout to remind you of the delicate sacredness found at attention to the present. The subtle energy of creation is found in this moment.   In the 5th song, “Dreams 1”, time stops. There is a feeling of suspension and molecular vibration. At moments, the music seems to enter the listener from one side then another.  The merging of sound with the quiet space within the listener creates something synergistic.   The 6th song, “Forest” is a nature recording of flowing water, bird song, wind, and faint sound of cars traveling. Small interspaced musical notes remind us to keep life simple, to enjoy it all.   “Dreams 2”, the 7th song, and my personal favorite, reminds me of deep yearning whale song. There is a quality of expanded time and timeless wisdom.   The 8th song, “Through the Lattice”, carefully asks the listener to take the inner experience and shine outwardly with it. We are reminded not to take ourselves too seriously and to keep a sense of humor and fun. When looking at the shadow cast by lattice, one sees a pattern of dark and light. We are reminded to keep a sense of balance while regarding our own dark and light aspects.   “Atacama”, the 9th and last song, is joyful in bringing the listening to a close. Look about with more attentive eyes and enjoy simple beauty. 

   As a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist, I am always listening for music that awakens ones inner attention softly and subtly. I thank Kirk Lang for “Odyssey 1” and it’s clear and exquisite ability to do just that. The timing of his notes, the merging of natural sounds and the laying of rhythm over another all come together to mirror what we experience within. Please have a listen for yourself